The management

Founded by group of IT professionals after having 15 years of IT experience individually (all of us are in our logo!)

EST has the strong leadership team with hands on experience in complete IT project life cycle both at offshore and onsite. This experience helps EST to bring out best from people as well as ensuring the client’s expectations are understood well.

Radhakrishnan Shanmugam (aka Krish)

Chief Marketing Officer

A travel enthusiastic, known for his loves of outdoor sports such as mountain climbing, and trekking! His success mantra is “Happy clients, happy employees”.

Krish, known for his inclination and passion for programming was born and brought up in Salem that is widely known as the Mango city. He brings with him 12+ years of expertise in client liaisoning and Business Development. Educated with a M.Sc. in Computer Science, Krish started his career as a VC++ programmer.

Since then, Krish has come a long way and has also served as a teacher and Head of Department at an Engineering College. However, his passion for programming and entrepreneurial calling has something for him in store. It was only in 2007 that his penchant for programming touched new heights when he started a Web design and development company.

His entry in the elite club of EST was fostered in 2011, when he co-founded with two other partners. As the Head of Business Development arm of EST, Krish has been exemplary in positioning the company across North America. An astute leader, Krish has been prolific and instrumental in making EST what it is today by working closely with CPAs across North America, thus - helping them in their business automation solutions.

Manick Vel

CEO, Expert Solution Technologies Canada Inc.

“In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data” kind of a person focus on realistic targets and achieving them gives immense satisfaction to him. Known for his ‘do-it-now’ attitude, ensures nothing is postponed to tomorrow.

Manick is heading Canadian operations of EST and responsible for Sales & Marketing in all business lines (Applications, Packaged Solutions). In addition, Manick is also responsible for channel management.

Manick has an in-depth understanding of IT Services outsourcing and Global Delivery. He has significant global experience in Consulting and IT Services, having worked with leading organizations in multiple geographies including India, Canada and USA. In his career spanning over 20 years, Manick handled sales of an IT start up to large MNC's IT Services and managed a wide range of technology solution sales.

Manick’s current focus is on creating disruptive innovations in IT services, global delivery and service operations using mathematical & statistical and operations research models combined with tools & automation and advances in software engineering.

Parthasarathy Ravichandran (aka Sarathy)

Chief Executive Officer

Known amongst his closest aides and professional circles as a Technopreneur, cricket enthusiast, nature lover and a proud dad!

Mr. Parthasarathy, or better still Sarathy completed his education in 2001 from ANJA College, Sivakasi with a Master’s Degree in Computer Applications (MCA). He brings with him 14+ years of expertise in varied field of IT and computer programming and co-founded EST with two other partners. Currently, Sarathy designate the role of the C.E.O at EST and is known for this astute leadership role, apart from taking the company to where it stands today.

As a programming professional, Sarathy career has tasted many a glittering moment and accolades. During his long stint with CI.COM (P) Ltd from 2001 to 2010 as the Head of Apps Division, Sarathy has brought many laurels in his kitty by bagging the highest position in Mobile & .NET Apps Division of the company.

A techno-preneur to the core, Sarathy leadership acumen tasted new heights and success when he served as the Head of CRM Practice and Head of Enterprise Quality Group at Zylog Systems from 2010 to 2012. During his short stint with the company, he has been instrumental in CMMi appraisal process as an EPG Head & as an appraisal team member. He has also travelled extensively to various ERP / CRM conferences across the globe, and presented live product demos, apart from undergoing technical / functional training on ERP / CRM in Canada, Australia & South Africa.

JebaThangam Nirmala (aka Rachel)

Chief Technical Officer

An acclaimed Architect, dedicated Mom and best known for her sincerity to God. Within her professional circles, Nirmala is known to bring code or data to life!

Nirmala co-founded EST with Sarathy and Krish. Backed by her enthusiasm in architectural programming, she has been the backbone in leading EST to success during the company initial years. With a background in BE (Bachelor of Engineering), Nirmala brings with her 15+ years of expertise in the Software development field and has been instrumental in nurturing new talents at EST.

Long before her entry in the elite club of EST, Nirmala has served as a Program Manager, ERP Business from 2001 to 2011 at Computers International, apart from her stint with Zylog Systems as the Head of Salesforce Division from 2011 to 2012.

During her initial years, Nirmala started as a Palm OS developer (best remember as the 1st ever Smartphone OS during the 90’s). She graduated into Pocket PC application development (now called as Windows Mobile). She has also served as a “Solution Architect”, leading large technical team, apart from handling both product development and custom solutions development.

Better known as a multi-skilled technical architect with comprehensive experience of designing, developing, and deploying architectures for software applications - Nirmala has been mentoring and guiding technical teams to produce the project results. As an architect, Nirmala has successfully designed and implemented a multi-year product roll out for sales across US, which involves remote management and reporting. She has travelled extensively, and has been to South Africa and USA for technology conferences & presentations, which brings with it the knowledge throve that she passes on to new emerging talent at EST.