Mobile Applications

Assists our clients to generate and produce geographic location based apps and Geo location based solutions with the most optimum technologies.

Expert Solution Technologies offers the most expedient mobile development services with the incorporation of the most avant-garde technologies to design mobile software solutions for various platforms including Windows Mobile, Android and iOS.

With exceptional talent and skill in mobile application development, the team of designers and developers at EST utilize .NET Compact Framework, C#, C/C++ & J2ME. Our prime focus is to satisfy your mobile application needs and increase their value and effectiveness ultimately. The major objectives that our team at EST aims at fulfilling for every client include:

  • Utility
  • Convenience
  • Communiqué (Infrared, Bluetooth, TCP/IP, WLAN etc.)
  • Superior Features
  • Better Synchronization

Each application requires the implementation of a conventional approach, however a solely different outlook. Our team of developers understands all your specific needs before commencing with the process of designing an app. This ensures that we deliver the results way past your expectations. A strict plan when followed by precision and meticulous testing yields the most exceptional results.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Application for mobile database and synchronization engines
  • Small utility development
  • Construction of business mobile apps
  • Driving productivity and cost reduction
  • Generation of end-to-end mobile applications through best practices and patterns.
  • XML and web services

We cover the following platforms:

  • Windows Phones
  • Android
  • iPhones

Barcoded shipment Verification and Tracking

  • A custom utility which captures the USB barcode scan of Items and verify against order while completing shipment
  • Helps users to pick right item into shipments and allow the shipment to be tracked

Geographic Location Based Solutions:

We at EST, assist our clients to generate and produce geographic location based apps and Geo location based solutions with the most optimum technologies.

Applications we developed:


  • iPhone / iPAD based mobile Sales order / Invoice system
  • Allows Salesperson to create Orders, Invoice, Cash Receipts on the move
  • Download Quotes from ERP in real time and convert to Orders / Invoices
  • Capture customer signature for delivery confirmation
  • Automatic connection check and send transaction to main office via WiFi, Mobile data
  • Turn camera into as a bar-code scanner
  • Print receipts on the spot

Water usage Calculator (A custom calculator for an irrigation company for their sprinkler product)

  • Allow users to pick a model, cost of water etc.
  • User enters garden area, timings, seasons
  • System calculates the amount of water required & cost per year
  • A comparative study display to pick right sprinkler model
  • Complete brochure on hand to look for sprinkler model and technical specifications

Ticket Verifier

  • Built ticket verifier for a tennis academy
  • User loads all sold out ticket numbers onto the mobile devices
  • Barcode scanner used to scan individual tickets at entry
  • System flashes green for verified ticket and marks the ticket as “entered”
  • Red flash for invalid ticket or duplicate ticket
  • Display of consolidated total attendance display across all gates

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