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The program is exactly what we were looking and works much better than anticipated. The support was also outstanding, EST was able to install it remotely and walk me through using the program.

Overall rating : Excellent
Morrocco Method International

Expert Solution Technologies wrote the requested report exactly as specified. We had issues but they were of our own making. EST was extremely helpful in resolving those issues. We highly recommend them and will continue to use them in the future.

Overall rating : Excellent
Solution Resources, Inc.

I can't wait to use EST again! EST had a solution that would greatly benefit out client. EST stayed on top of the sales process and delivered their commitment better that I expected! I highly recommend EST!!!

Overall rating : Excellent
Emerald QB Consulting, Inc.

From inception to delivery the project exceeded expectations, especially taking to account conversations with other development teams regarding the complexity of the project. All the requirements were met within the time of scope, and unforeseen roadblocks were resolved. Only setback was the coordination of meetings and resolution turnaround due to the large time difference, but overall the application delivery and functionality works exactly as designed, without exceeding planned cost. Will recommend using Expert Solution Technology for future development projects.

Overall rating : Excellent
Salesforce development partner company

I just wanted to tell you that it is rare to deal with such professionalism in today's business world. I had deep worries when I realized that Quickbooks didn't have all the features that we required to run our business effectively. I found the post you made on the Quickbooks forums about creating PO's for one of your clients and took a chance, hoping that you could automate some of our basic procedures. I couldn't be happier that I took that chance.
I have, since going live with QuickBooks, processed over 1000 (more like 5000 now!!!) Sales Receipts and have found no errors with your system. You were excellent in dealing with my lack of knowledge in correct mistakes that I had made in my approach to fixing the inadequecies of QuickBooks. I felt at times that you would become frustrated with my constant revisions to these utilities but you never showed the slightest impatience with me. And the result is a utility that perfectly fits our needs. I really can't thank you enough.
Our business is growing and we are constantly working to implement new sales channels and new ways of streamlining our business. I very much hope that we can do business again in the near future. It has been a complete pleasure

Overall rating : The very best to you and yours
BarristerBooks, Inc.

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